Earl Grey Supreme Silken Sachets


Earl Grey Supreme Silken Sachets


20 Individually Wrapped Sachets

Notes:  This Earl Grey is balanced with large black tea leaves, Oolong and the silver needles of white tea.  It has a natural sweetness and a strong citrus aroma from the Bergamot in this blend.  

Body:  Light

Tea:  Dry Leaves, a nice mixture of large black leaves, the brown leaves of the oolong, and silver needles of the white tea.

Liquor:  The liquor is a lighter brown than most Earl Greys, this is because the higher proportion of large tippy teas and the silver tips.

Aroma:  Lovely citrus aromas predominate, we put a higher amount of bergamot in this special tea.

Caffeine LevelCaffeinated

BodyWith larger, tippy teas and silver tips this is a lighter bodied tea.

Flavors:  The lemony flavors are perfectly balanced with the delicious tea base. In comparison to other Earl Greys, there is a nice natural sweetness from all the tippy teas.

Brewing Time:  4 to 5 minutes

Brewing Temperature:  212° F

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