Organic English Breakfast Silken Sachets


Organic English Breakfast Silken Sachets


20 Individually Wrapped

English Breakfast Tea was never designed or formulated all those years ago. Rather, teas were chosen that were plentiful and not too expensive, and that would taste good with milk and sugar. Something an English person would enjoy at the start of a busy day. So in the early 1800s, that tea would have been a black tea from China.  Later on, many Brits drank the brisker teas from the British colonies of India and Ceylon. After the Second World War, when the colonies became independent, the source of English Breakfast for the British became Africa. This English Breakfast reflects a tradition British style tea, with leaves from Kenya, India and Ceylon.

Tea:  Dry Leaves

Liquor: Dark brown.

Aroma:  There is a toasty aroma.


Body:  Strong

Flavours:  Straightforward with hints of toast and honey.

Brewing Time:  4 to 5 minutes



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