About Us

We begin the story of roasting coffee through our own travels to Europe and the US, areas like Italy and Portland where coffee was integral to their culture and daily lives, and exciting experiments were taking place.  Coffee was evolving….after our first taste of single origin Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee, brewed in a Clever, we realized that there was so much to explore!  Like wine, different methods of roasting, brewing and origins could open up a whole new world in your mouth!  We were inspired and knew we had to bring this to our little island.

And so Wyndhams Bajan Crafted Coffee was born. Our focus would be on new brewing methods and equipment that we were sure to bring out the best of our chosen beans.

We roast and package our coffee fresh to order, using carefully vetted sources, in-season Specialty Grade beans with preferences of Certified Organic, Fair Trade and Regional Sources when possible. We always hope to showcase some of the best Regional coffees that are closest to home.

Roasting coffee is both an Art and a Science.  Scientific attention to every aspect and every minute of each roast can bring about consistency and quality.  Then comes the Art of the Roast to bring about the intensity and complexity of the bean.  And finally, the Art of Cupping, Blending, and finding the right balance to create that perfect cup of coffee.  This is our passion…

We hope you enjoy!