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brand ambassador for wyndhams coffee surf series


Wyndhams, The Bajan Crafted Coffee Roasters has reached a new milestone announcing their first ever brand ambassador. Globally successful Barbadian WSL Professional Surfer Chelsea Tuach declared her love of coffee, stressing beyond the experience and taste, her morning shot of caffeine helps her surf better, be more focused and have extra power.

Barbados’ first specialty grade coffee roasters is partnering with Chelsea Tuach to promote their ‘Surf Series’ around the world. The Surf Series are blends of specialty grade coffees carefully roasted, highlighting characteristics of the coffee that link each with popular surf-lingo and surf spots in Barbados.  Their three current blends within the surf series are ‘Dawn Patrol’, a roasty blend designed to wake you up, ‘Soup Bowl’ its perfection of balance and flavour being the stand out characteristic, and ‘Duppies’, a wild, powerful brew much like the surf spot that inspires it. 

‘Our mission is promoting Barbados as a destination through exporting uniquely Barbadian, high quality coffee products,’ Director of Coffee of Wyndhams, Dominic Wyndham-Gittens said of the Surf Series.  “Chelsea travels the world, visiting counties like El Salvador, Indonesia and Mexico, all countries where we source great green coffee from; and she competes in Europe, the  US and Asia, all places where coffee is an integral part of daily life. Its a great fit to promote our uniquely Bajan crafted coffee.”

Coming off of her win at the Martinique Surf Pro on March 24th, 2018, Chelsea is currently touring as the first surfer to represent the Caribbean region on the WSL Championship Tour, she is highly respected by her surfing peers. “Chelsea represents empowerment of women, determination and strength, ideals Wyndhams is committed to,” according to Wyndham-Gittens. 

An excited Chelsea shared, "Two of my greatest loves are coffee and Barbados. My perfect morning starts early, before the sun, with a strong brew out on the patio before I am off to check the surf. Since I first caught up with Mandy, Dominic and family, learning about their passion and the concept behind this Barbadian brand, I have been  excited to be a part of the journey. I am thrilled; as an Ambassador for Wyndhams coffee, I look forward to the fun things we will do in the future…especially the taste testings!"


"After surfing, Two of my greatest loves are coffee and Barbados."

_Chelsea Tuach