Our Story

Dominic and Mandy Gittens are co-founders of Wyndham LLC.  They were both raised in Barbados, St. George and Christ Church, respectively.

At the turn of the millennium, Barbados had a growing restaurant scene.  Fresh from music school in Canada, Dominic Gittens began working in the bars of these developing restaurants. Mandy Greenidge, at the time, also recently returned to Barbados after a European backpacking tour.  She began working as a general manager for an Italian-owned hotel in St. James, and met Dominic that Summer. As they began spending time together and sharing their stories, they discovered that they had similar passions about food, music and travel, and they quickly fell in love. (Ask Dominic about the anklet story!)

While working at the bars and restaurants, Dominic was encountering a constant challenge at the restaurants:  The Espresso Machine. The espresso machines were constantly not working or if they did, badly. The coffee available was not of good quality either. When Dominic asked Larry Rogers (famed chef/owner of Olives and now, Cin Cin by the Sea) why the machines never worked, Mr. Rogers' reply was that no one in Barbados knew how to fix espresso machines. Nor did anyone know about Italian espresso and particularly its culture.

It was at that point, that Mandy suggested to Dominic that he speak to his father, who by happenstance imported Italian building materials, about business contacts in Italy to work out a way to service the machines and sell Italian espresso coffee. With a passion to learn and the obvious business opportunity Dominic and Mandy embarked on selling and servicing Barbadian restaurants and hotels espresso equipment and coffee. Wyndhams was born.