The Surf Series

Wyndhams is proud to introduce our 3 signature blends.  Owner and Coffee Roaster, Dominic named the blends after one of his other loves, Surfing.   

Roasting coffee and surfing share many similarities.  It is the expression of everything that goes into the process to the manifestation of riding that wave and creating the perfect coffee.

To roast coffee and to surf the waves, you must have a bond with your equipment, a connection to your art, an appreciation of what nature has provided; a honed, heightening of the senses and taking control of the journey and destination of both the bean and the wave.  

Both require respect and humility but with practice and patience there is no greater feeling than dropping in.

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Dawn Patrol

Dawn Patrol is the term given to those early morning journeys down the coast, checking the waves at the crack of dawn, saying hello to mother nature.  A special time of the day, peaceful, a chill in the air, those moments when waking up your senses before facing the day.

Waking up is hard, especially early. Dawn Patrol is strong (as in caffeinated) and is perfect to give you that boost you need in the morning to tackle whatever your day will bring.  

Our first dark roasted coffee, it is full bodied and smooth with that roasty flavour enjoyed by many with a special kick.

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Challenging, Adventurous and Complex but deeply rewarding. This surfbreak, known for its difficulty to access and challenging surf conditions, yet completely awesome and rewarding!  We aligned this coffee blend to these same qualities. Not for novices, this coffee is designed for the serious coffee drinker looking for unique flavours unlike the ones normally associated with darker, roastier coffees.  Notes of citrus, grassy and completely wild, taking you on an adventurous yet totally fun journey!  


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Soup Bowl

Just like the most iconic surf break of Barbados, this blend is our standard bearer. Considered to be up there with the top surf spots in the world, Soup Bowl is reknown with famous professional surfers and we believe this blend is of equal quality. 

Well rounded, great body with balanced acidity, chocolate and dried fruit flavour.