Forget Earl Grey, our Bajan Afternoon is an exquisite and elegant twist on matcha.  Bursts of delicious peach flavour sitting atop mild vegetal notes.  This matcha invokes the beautiful Japanese ritual of grinding green tea into a vibrant green powder. Rich and well balanced, this tea is a perfect way to reclaim your afternoon.

Ingredients: Matcha, bancha, dried peaches, natural peach flavours.

Body & Aroma: Bright aromas of fresh peaches and bancha, medium-bodied.


Brewing time: Boiling water of 175 degrees for 2 minutes

Whole Leaf Pyramid Sachet

The distinguishing difference with our tea and other teabags is our pyramid silken sachet design.  By using our special silken bags that won't affect the flavour of the tea, as well as our spacious pyramid shape, the leaves can fully and completely expand and infuse in perfect measure and flavour.  Each sachet is filled with our finest loose-leaf, hand-picked teas for a perfect cup every time.

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