• French Press (17 oz)
  • Kettle
  • Gram Scale
  • Spoon
  • Decanter

Fill kettle and bring water to boil.

Preheat French Press with hot water, then discard.

Weigh out 25 grams of ground coffee, and add the ground coffee to the French press.

Place French Press onto gram scale and tare to zero.

Start timer for 4 mins.

Pour 300 grams of freshly boiled water on-top coffee bed and saturate all coffee evenly, ensuring no dry spots.

Stir or fold the coffee grounds on the surface gently with a spoon when all water is poured.

Place plunger onto the French press.

When timer finishes, press the plunger all the way down. 

Pour all brewed coffee immediately into a pre-heated decanter to avoid over extraction.  

Serve and enjoy!

  • For larger brewers:- Use same amount of coffee and water by each cup being prepared but keep the brew time (4mins) and grind the same.
  • Wyndhams pre-ground coffee is perfect for this brew method.
  • If using coffee beans grind to the consistency of sea salt with a burr grinder. 
  • If using a coarser grind allow to brew 1-2 mins more.