why we do what we do

Our Story



Way back in 2001, Dominic and Mandy Wyndham-Gittens began their coffee journey in their home island of Barbados, opening a little cafe, introducing Barbados to its first real Italian espresso.  After 5 years in the retail business they calculated the timing was right to turn their focus on bringing true espresso to the islands finest hotels and restaurants.  In 2012, they took a trip to Portland where specialty coffee was integral to culture and daily life.  They witnessed exciting experiments taking place.  Coffee was evolving from traditional Italian methods to something completely different.  After a taste of single origin Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee, brewed in a Clever, it was obvious then that there was no turning back.  The Third Wave had begun. They were inspired and determined to bring this to Barbados...

Fast forward to 2014, and Wyndhams Bajan Crafted Coffee came to be.  The focus would be on quality grade, in-season Specialty beans, highlighting the special character of the origins and showcasing the best that the bean has to offer.  Four years in, the Wyndhams brand has grown into a respected, locally roasted, specialty coffee company.  Dominic and Mandy are focused on continuing to grow their brand beyond the island shores, always learning and above all bringing their passion for coffee to their customers.