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This unique, hand crafted specialty coffee was created through marrying the traditions of the St. Nicholas Abbey plantation, the celebrated Barbadian artisan rum maker with Wyndhams, the local family owned Bajan Crafted Coffee Roasters. Both known for their uncompromising dedication to their craft and exceptional products, this collaboration reflects both modern techniques, while gently imparting the history of the 350 year heritage in the barrels.

After many years of aging, the rum is poured from their bourbon barrels, and the coffee takes its place, infusing the distinctive flavours of the oak, the sugars and fruit, the rum and years of history that cannot be replicated.

Then comes the Art of the Roast, creating the perfect balance between the bean and the barrel. The specialty grade, small batch Brazil beans are coaxed into releasing their natural coffee flavours to compliment the intense fruit and sweetness of the rum barrel, yet leaving the natural coffee qualities untouched. It is our promise that this coffee will take you on a new sensory journey.