RumFest 2017



In partnership with St. Nicholas Abbey, Barbados, we are thrilled to introduce our

Single Cask Aged, rum barrel Coffee

I know you are wondering why on earth we are posting about a Rum Festival on a coffee website.  But what better than combining coffee with something Barbados is famous for!? We had a seriously fun time!  This event is nothing like a coffee festival - it was a complete party!  We had such a blast meeting serious Rum Connoisseurs, who were all so excited to try this new product, and we were equally excited to showcase it!  We brought along a Nitro Machine, and served it cold, like a Guiness.  This unique, hand-crafter specialty coffee was created through marrying the traditions of the St. Nicholas Abbey plantation, the celebrated Barbadian artisinal Rum Maker, with our specialty coffee!  We created this coffee by taking the Bourbon Barrels where the rum has been aging for many years, and replacing the rum with our green coffee beans.  The coffee takes on the distinctive flavours of the oak, the sugars and the fruit.  A completely unique flavour profile, no fake flavours added.  Check out some of the pics below.


Photo Oct 15, 4 41 40 PM.jpg
Photo Oct 15, 11 42 17 AM.jpg
Photo Oct 15, 12 16 15 PM.jpg
Photo Oct 15, 12 38 07 PM.jpg
Photo Oct 15, 11 59 54 AM.jpg