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Wahana Natural comes from the North Sumatra region called Sidikalang, west of volcanic Lake Toba. The Wahana Estate is a large but fastidious and experimental property, where they separate varietals, some of them hybrids unique to Indonesia. The majority of the plantation's production is washed coffee and they have made significant investment in that area. However, this particular coffee is dry processed and is entirely of the Rasuna variety, a hybrid of Catimor and Typica that originated in Sumatra. This new varietal is being planted in Takengon area on 90 hectares of Wahana land. This varietal is grown on the Wahana Estate between 1300 and 1500 meters and all under shade so trees can grow more slowly and naturally. 

  • Estate Name: Wahana Coffee Estate Plantation

  • Founded: 2005

  • Location: Sidikalang region of North Sumatra

  • Altitude: 1300 to 1500 meters (4250 to 5000 feet)

  • Varietal: Rasuna

  • Grade: 1

  • Processing: Sun dried natural process

The plantation says that they observe organic and Rainforest Alliance practices but they are not certified as either at this time. The certification process can take an extended time, so presently this should not be considered official, but rather an indication of the plantations intent. We mentioned that Wahana is experimental so if it of some interest that they also grow some "international seedling varieties" such as Villa Sarchi, Caturra and Catuai all from Costa Rica, and Colombia Typica from Colombia. These are in addition to the local varieties and hybrids such as this Rasuna.

Cup Characteristics: Peach, watermelon, citrus notes. Buttery, cocoa texture has some of the characteristic Sumatra body qualities but the processing and varietal selection adds a lot interest. You will detect some floral, sweet dry aroma and hints of strawberry. This is a unique cup, a chance to taste what is likely a new varietal paired with an unusual process for this region.

Roasting Notes: To fully taste the natural fruit characteristics of this coffee we think it should not be roasted dark, hence this is a lighter roast.